Doctor: Prim. Dr. Dobrila Andonovska

Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Statement by patient Dragica Tenova:

I am very pleased that my desire  came truth and I lift my fully lowered upper eyelid to my left eye and to be able to live my life with “open eyes” so as I will not be problem for my family. I’m satisfied with Dr. Andonovska and the whole team at One Hospital, who are very kind to the patients.

Patient Dragica Tenova come to examination due to ptosis of the upper eyelid / lower eyelid / left eye, condition due to lower eyelid cancer, medial canthus and partial upper eyelid surgery. She was operated twenty years ago and two years ago, in other surgical facilities.

At One Hospital she was referred by an ophthalmologist.

The patient was operated on 18th November 2019 with the technique of frontal suspension / lifting of the lower eyelid by fixation of the cartilage plate on the eyelid.

The post-operative course went smoothly, the patient reported to regular check-ups and received routine local therapy.

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