Patient name and surname: Shkipe Eshtrefi Husband (Agim)

Doctor Gynecologist: Irena Gosheva

Statement by the patient’s husband:

Dear Doctor,

Thank you very much for saving my wife and allowing me to become a father for the second time!

Be blessed and wish only the best moments in your life.

Agim, Tetovo

Shkipe is our patient, who has spent a difficult 8 months to finally give birth to a beautiful princess.

She was in her second pregnancy and taking care of her and her baby entrusted to the team at One Hospital. It was an extremely high-risk pregnancy that we followed until her birth, at the highest level of quality medical care and treatment, and shortly before the delivery, she became a mother for second time of a healthy baby.

Unlike other medical disciplines, in gynecology and obstetrician care is given to two patients (sometimes more), and the satisfaction of the end result – a healthy mother with a healthy baby is invaluable.

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