Our patients are the most important thing for us!

Our patients are the most important thing for us!

Patient – Erdogan Rushiti

Doctor – Marinella Malinova

Statement from the child’s mother- Mejrem

I am happy that I finally found the right doctor for my child. Thank you from the heart!

The biggest satisfaction of One Hospital is when we have a healthy, happy and satisfied patient at the end of treatment, and the satisfaction is even greater when it comes to a child.

Erdogan underwent examination because of a severe purulent discharge from his right ear, which was preceded by severe pain in his right ear and in bad general condition, which was repeated 2 times in 6 months. After an ORL examination and a CT scan, a diagnosis was made, appropriate treatment was provided, until complete symptomatology is achieved.

The final result is from very serious health condition, after proper treatment, the child is happy and smiling, ready to continue enjoying the daily life of the child.