One Hospital and the 2019 Bletzat Festival

One Hospital and the 2019 Bletzat Festival

The 25th edition of the Bletzat Children’s Song Festival was held yesterday in Tetovo.

The festival featured 17 children from all Albanian territories, with songs by various authors, where the winner of this edition was sic year old Tuana Bushi, from Tetovo, with her song “Kukla”.

The Cultural Center was too small to host all fans of the festival. The festival and children’s song are a testament to the endless commitment of young performers and lovers who cultivate a love of music that transforms the desires, joys, experiences and dreams of children.

This year One Hospital was the patron of the Bletzat Children’s Festival.

Because the health of children and youth is very precious to us.

Read more about the great story between d-r Dobrila Andonovska and her patient

Read more about the great story between d-r Dobrila Andonovska and her patient

Doctor: Prim. Dr. Dobrila Andonovska

Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Statement by patient Dragica Tenova:

I am very pleased that my desire  came truth and I lift my fully lowered upper eyelid to my left eye and to be able to live my life with “open eyes” so as I will not be problem for my family. I’m satisfied with Dr. Andonovska and the whole team at One Hospital, who are very kind to the patients.

Patient Dragica Tenova come to examination due to ptosis of the upper eyelid / lower eyelid / left eye, condition due to lower eyelid cancer, medial canthus and partial upper eyelid surgery. She was operated twenty years ago and two years ago, in other surgical facilities.

At One Hospital she was referred by an ophthalmologist.

The patient was operated on 18th November 2019 with the technique of frontal suspension / lifting of the lower eyelid by fixation of the cartilage plate on the eyelid.

The post-operative course went smoothly, the patient reported to regular check-ups and received routine local therapy.

Read more about one of our successful stories!

Read more about one of our successful stories!

Doctor: Aleksandar Blazevski – doctor of general medicine

Patient: Mila Filipovska

Mother’s comment: Milena

I regularly make the necessary controls for my child.

At One Hospital I feel like at home, and the reason for this is the kind welcome and unparalleled care of all medical staff.

There is nothing more beautiful than a kids smile, and the goal of One Hospital is when every child is leaving the hospital  healthy and smiling, and when we are successful doing this, our satisfaction is overwhelming!


Read more about our successful story with one of our patients and d-r Irena Gosheva

Read more about our successful story with one of our patients and d-r Irena Gosheva

Patient name and surname: Shkipe Eshtrefi Husband (Agim)

Doctor Gynecologist: Irena Gosheva

Statement by the patient’s husband:

Dear Doctor,

Thank you very much for saving my wife and allowing me to become a father for the second time!

Be blessed and wish only the best moments in your life.

Agim, Tetovo

Shkipe is our patient, who has spent a difficult 8 months to finally give birth to a beautiful princess.

She was in her second pregnancy and taking care of her and her baby entrusted to the team at One Hospital. It was an extremely high-risk pregnancy that we followed until her birth, at the highest level of quality medical care and treatment, and shortly before the delivery, she became a mother for second time of a healthy baby.

Unlike other medical disciplines, in gynecology and obstetrician care is given to two patients (sometimes more), and the satisfaction of the end result – a healthy mother with a healthy baby is invaluable.

Our patients are the most important thing for us!

Our patients are the most important thing for us!

Patient – Erdogan Rushiti

Doctor – Marinella Malinova

Statement from the child’s mother- Mejrem

I am happy that I finally found the right doctor for my child. Thank you from the heart!

The biggest satisfaction of One Hospital is when we have a healthy, happy and satisfied patient at the end of treatment, and the satisfaction is even greater when it comes to a child.

Erdogan underwent examination because of a severe purulent discharge from his right ear, which was preceded by severe pain in his right ear and in bad general condition, which was repeated 2 times in 6 months. After an ORL examination and a CT scan, a diagnosis was made, appropriate treatment was provided, until complete symptomatology is achieved.

The final result is from very serious health condition, after proper treatment, the child is happy and smiling, ready to continue enjoying the daily life of the child.

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